At the heart of any advice process is the client; and at Meridian Financial Services we take that concept very seriously. We genuinely want to understand and assist our clients by ascertaining their aspirations & goals and what drives them, in order to provide them with the best tailored advice possible.

Therefore our advice is provided over a multi-stage process, which combines discovery and fact-finding with research of the financial services market-place, using some of the most cutting-edge tools available within the industry today. Having presented and completed our initial advice, it is imperative that we continue to monitor a client’s circumstances on an ongoing basis, to ensure the continued long-term suitability of any recommendations.

At Meridian Financial Services, our advice process is truly a partnership between our clients and ourselves and, like any partnership, working together for the required goal is what we always aim to achieve.

Please refer to our Important Information about our Services document for details on our range of Personal Advice services and charging structure.

7887081Savings & Investments
Whether you are looking to invest a lump sum for growth or income, or save regularly for a planned future event, Meridian Financial Services has a solution to meet the needs of its clients.

7617815Retirement Planning & Pensions
Saving for your retirement is one of the most important processes that anyone will ever have to consider.  Fortunately, at Meridian Financial Services we are experts in the field of pensions.

home-2Mortgage & Property Finance
Buying a property is an exciting – often emotional – experience. So, here at Meridian Financial Services, we strive to make sure that the process runs as smoothly as it possibly can, by providing you with quality, professional and independent advice.

7617863Protecting What Matters
Nobody knows what the future has in store, either for ourselves or our families. So wanting to protect your income and the welfare of ones you love is paramount to all of us.  Meridian Financial Services can help.

7618683Inheritance Tax Planning
Due to soaring house prices, and a static personal Nil Rate Band, Estate Planning to mitigate Inheritance Tax has never been more important. For a non-obligation review to ascertain if you are caught in the IHT trap, please contact Meridian Financial Services.