Whether your business is in need of help with workplace pensions, and their administration under auto-enrolment legislation, or would like to review your requirements for business protection or tax-efficient profit extraction, we can help.

So If you are a business owner, or a senior executive or director, Meridian Financial Services can assist you and your company with commercial financial planning and strategy.

Please refer to our ‘Corporate Important Information about our Services‘ document for details on our range of Personal Advice services and charging structure.

Below are the most common areas that we are asked to assist clients with, but should you have any other issues that you would like help with, please fee free to get in touch with us.

MH900387771Pensions & Auto-Enrolment
Since October 2012, auto-enrolment in workplace pensions has been at the forefront of employers’ minds.  Starting with the largest companies (120,000+), employers have gradually been staged towards a date from when they must automatically enrol all qualifying employees into a workplace pension.  To find out how this will effect your business, contact us at Meridian Financial Services to see how we can help.

MH900387742Employee Benefits
It may seem obvious, but happy and engaged employees are usually more productive than those who feel less content at work. One of the easiest ways to keep employees happy and engaged, is by rewarding them. See how Meridian Financial Services can help.

MH900387754Business Protection
A business’s most valuable assets are its people.  Whether that is its directors or staff, protecting against sudden unforeseen events can be critical to the ongoing success of any company.  Here at Meridian Financial Services, we are able to assist with all forms of commercial business protection Keyman Cover, Shareholder Protection and Death-in-Service policies to help families of employees.  For more information, click the More Details tab.

MH900387735Profit Extraction
As all business owners appreciate, making a profit is only the first step towards corporate financial planning.  How to extract that profit from your business is just as important.  Here at Meridian Financial Services, we are highly experienced at assisting business owners to personalise their profits, at the lowest possible taxation cost.  For more information, please follow the link button.