Since October 2012, auto-enrolment into workplace pensions has been a major part of employing workers.

Starting with the largest companies (120,000+), employers were gradually staged towards a date from where they had to automatically enrol all qualifying workers into a workplace pension.  Employers must also enrol all qualifying ‘new-joiners’, as well as periodically re-enrolling all eligible employees who may have ‘opted-out’ previously.

Additionally, all new employers must set-up a new scheme and then automatically enrol all eligible employees into a workplace pension.  However, in order to achieve this there are a number of issues to consider and overcome.

Auto-enrolment into a Workplace Pension is not just a case of opening a pension scheme and enrolling your workers into it, as there are a number of variables that must be understood, such as worker qualification, contribution levels and ongoing compliance with legislation. Fortunately, Meridian Financial Services is here to assist you and your business.

Additionally, if you already have a scheme in place and would like to review its ongoing suitability for auto-enrolment or purely for internal governance, our full review and report service can help to achieve this.

So for help with planning your workplace pension project, implementing your solution and maintaining your ongoing compliance with legislation, contact us at Meridian Financial Services to undertake your non-obligation review.

Advice on pension scheme administration under Auto-enrolment is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, although the implementation of certain pension scheme solutions may be.  For more information, please contact us to clarify.

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